Doing the Right Thing: Woman Returns $97K Found In Restaurant Bathroom

aPaying attention to detail by Unhindered by Talent

That’s the end of the story. She found the money, she contacted the restaurant to see if anyone called in to say they were missing something, then met up with the woman when she verified the contents of the folder.

Which was full of thousand dollar bills. WOW. Kudos to her for returning the money. You know the person who lost it must have been frantic.

Via USA Today.


4 Responses to “Doing the Right Thing: Woman Returns $97K Found In Restaurant Bathroom”

  1. holly says:

    This is amazing. I want to believe that I’d do the same thing. I think I would. But do I expect most people to? Not even a little. $97k in cash is more than I can really imagine.

    BTW, this is a good example of the kind of post I’d like to see here most often. The truly cutesy stuff is fun too, but there are lots of other sites doing that already.

  2. gladmin says:

    Your wish is my command! 😀 I like seeing news of people doing good things.

  3. candise says:

    there are probably plenty of people who would dismiss this good samaritan’s decision to return the money as naive or silly. there are probably just as many people, if not more, who would argue that the world would be a better place if more of us would do the same.

    this would be one of those reaffirming-my-belief-in-humanity stories! but please let’s not forget about the potent power of pups ;D

  4. gladmin says:

    Yes. I do love puppeez. I snorgle them, as Meg from CuteOverload would say. 😀