Mario Kart Love Song Is Made of Happy

It’s a little love song, set in the world of Mario Kart. Beautiful! I lofs eet. He also has a song that is a New Year’s resolution… from the perspective of a supervillain. Cute! Supervillain Song.

Are geek love ballads the new nerdcore? If so, I am made of happy because I love geek love!

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5 Responses to “Mario Kart Love Song Is Made of Happy”

  1. Chad says:

    Love it. He also does a cover of one of my favorite Deathcab songs, I Will Follow You Into The Dark –

  2. seppo says:

    Uh… the weirdest thing of all this? And I don’t know if she knows, but gladmin knows this guy.

    He’s one of my ex-coworkers. Awesome guy.

  3. gladmin says:

    OH! Is this… Well, I won’t say his name, but his name + face combo is confusing, yeah?

  4. gladmin says:

    Oh right, his name is in the URL that pops up during the video. Sam Hart. AWESOME! You rock, Sam Hart! I had no idea you had such a great singing voice.

    I don’t know why I am commenting like he’s here. He’s not. Heh.

  5. blinktwice4y says:

    thanks gladmin and seppo <3

    alex just sent me this link. you two are funny.