The Best Interactive Museum Display Ever Is Made of OMGAWESOMEHappy

I have never seen a museum display this cool. I’ve never seen anything that came close to this in any sort of museum or educational setting that is so engaging and able to communicate a sense of history in a visually stunning, storytelling, cool way. I just can’t use enough positive adjectives to gush about this thing.

Please go to the youtube page for it and watch it in high quality. WOW. Just WOW. That person who designed it needs some sort of award. I know I sound like a raving maniac by now, but I am so excited by the idea that you can make history & learning just so awesome. This seems like the right way to engage people, young and old alike, not lame “edutainment” games I’ve seen in stores.

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2 Responses to “The Best Interactive Museum Display Ever Is Made of OMGAWESOMEHappy”

  1. hapacheese says:

    Okay, that *is* the coolest museum display I’ve ever seen.

  2. gladmin says:

    I know! So awesome! I hope one day, someone makes one of those doodads for me. 😀