Hospital Reciprocal Billing Agreement

Nova Scotia residents who are temporarily out of the province or receiving out-of-province medical care are entitled to coverage under the provincial plan. Coverage in Canada is in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to residents who receive insured benefits in Nova Scotia. Services must be received in an accredited public hospital and billed to each other in accordance with inter-provincial billing agreements. Prior authorization from the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Welfare is required before a patient in the province is referred to addiction or psychiatric treatment, unless treatment is provided at an accredited public hospital. Permission must be obtained through Medavie Blue Cross Medical Advisor. Prior written authorization from the Department of Health and Welfare is required for a patient to be transferred for treatment outside of Canada. The transfer must be made by a specialist registered in Nova Scotia. If the law receives prior authorization from the Department of Health and Welfare for unscheduled treatment, all necessary medical benefits, whether hospitalized or outpatient, are 100% insured. Preferred housing, with drugs at home, etc., are not covered by the provincial health plan. . All residents must present a valid new scotia health card to access benefits in other provinces or territories.

Uninsured benefits, as outlined in the provincial plan, are not funded outside the province.

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