Nhs Improvement Framework Agreement

The Medical Gases in Cylinders and Bulk Gases Framework provides NHS SBS customers with a competitive framework for the purchase of cylinders containing a variety of medical gases. The framework for legal inspections and rating assistance services (Hard FM) includes the annual program of legal inspections and the provision of a full service, including, but not limited, to tariff reviews and interest rate assessments. This framework offers potential savings of 5-10%. Consultation Framework 18: Multidisciplinary Guidance Services provides a market path fully in line with the OJEU for the provision of multidisciplinary consulting services. The framework covers a wide range of specialisations and offers savings of 10-15%. The CPMI (Electric Vehicle Charging Points) framework includes the supply, supply, installation, management and maintenance of electrical vehicle charging infrastructure assets and services. This framework offers a potential savings of 5%. The framework for endosurgery and women`s health covers women`s health and laparoscopic instruments. The majority of suppliers offer savings in their ranges. This framework offers a potential savings of 2%. Endoscopes (flexible and rigid) and decontamination frames include flexible and rigid endoscopes; Hysteroscope screen camera systems, decontamination and maintenance products as well as managed service rules.

This framework offers potential savings of 5-10%. Inventory Management and the Wholesale-Based Services Framework have many advantages, including reducing inventory, strengthening inventory management through better use and improving order efficiency through the transition to JIT. This framework offers a potential savings of 5 to 15%. Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust (“The Trust”) created this framework to provide dialysis units for fully managed services and hybrid units for themselves and other public agencies. The Trust believes that the framework agreement will allow the broader public sector to benefit from a streamlined approach to service delivery. The drug management system provides access to a computerized system to improve the efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of prescribing drugs. This framework offers potential savings of 24%. The framework provides access to a number of roles consistent with NHS Improvement`s salary and fee caps. All suppliers have been reviewed to ensure that they are able to meet NHS standards for pre-employment testing. Our extensive portfolio of framework agreements aims to ensure easy access and provide public organizations and the NHS with a market-compliant path. The NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) framework contracts include healthcare and corporate services such as IT, legal, Estates -Facilities and Business Services. Currently, there are 1245 accredited organizations [38 KB] that have access to the portfolio of framework agreements and, as such, can use each NHS SBS framework agreement whenever necessary.

Look at the NHS SBS [229KB] approval list. If you have any questions about our framework agreements, including inclusion in an NHS SBS framework provider, please visit our FAQs Framework. The Building Management System (Hard FM) provides discounts, facilities and capital teams with a pathway in line with the real estate services management market, connecting both SMEs and national suppliers.

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