Ibt Merger Agreement

Williams` successor, Jackie Presser, was willing to grant most of these concessions in the form of a special freight driver who would cut wages by up to 35% and introduce two-tier wages. Teamsters for a Democratic Union, born out of efforts to reject the 1976 agreement, launched a successful national campaign to defeat the auxiliary rider, who was defeated by 94,086 votes to 13,082. As part of the proposed merger, Veritex will file with the Securities and Exchange Commission a registration statement on Form S-4 to register the common shares of Veritex that will be issued to shareholders of IBT Bancorp, Inc. in consideration for the merger. The registration statement will contain a proxy statement/prospectus that will be sent to the shareholders of IBT Bancorp, Inc., in order to obtain approval of the proposed transaction. During this period, Tobin fought for a long time with many unions. Heated controversies erupted between the Teamsters and the Gasoline State Operators` National Council (a federal union of firefighters AFL), the International Longshoremen`s Association, the Retail Clerks International Union and the Brotherhood of Railway Clerks. [11] [32] However, the most significant disagreement was with the United Brewery Workers over the right to represent beer car drivers. While the Teamsters lost this battle in 1913, when the AFL surrendered jurisdiction to the Brewers, they won when the matter returned to the AFL Board of Directors in 1933, when the Brewers were still recovering from their near elimination during Prohibition. [11] [29] [33] [34] Raids and the organization of new members in the 1930s led to a marked increase in membership. In 1932, there were only 82,000 members.

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