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Seven years later, Paris Saint-Germain freed itself from the “last” of the Qatar Tourism Authority. A sponsor that heavily funded the Paris Club, with an agreement originally estimated at between 150 and 200 million a year, ended up under the microscope of Uefa for generous donations to Sheikh Al Khelaifi es Club. The septlation agreement set the picket (from 2014 to 2017), but the pioneering change only happened this year. Psg has signed a contract. But on this occasion, the investigating chamber of the uefa clubs` financial control body granted the settlement agreement to the Nerazzurri. On the other hand, the discourse on the colonisation agreement that occurs when the European football organisation verifies that a club does not meet the requirements of financial fair play, that is to say losses of 30 million over three years. In this case, sanctions are provided according to the size of the deficit. Fines range from economic amounts to restrictions on the number of players in international competitions and the obligation to reduce signatures. Such an agreement was sealed by Inter Milan and Rome. So why did Uefa reject the Milan agreement? The investigating chamber of the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) announced today that ten clubs for which investigations have been opened after non-compliance with the rules of financial fair play (FFP) have individually agreed on settlement agreements. Trabzonspor, leader in Turkey, was excluded from the European competition for a year because it had not respected the pickets imposed by financial fair play.

Uefa notified the sanction to the Turkish club for not fulfilling the conditions of the 2016 agreement, when the Financial Control Body of the Continental Federation found violations by the Company Trebisonda. Disqualification for the Turks withdrew. So many people wonder why Milan, and therefore its shareholder Elliott, decided to offer Uefa the path that led to exclusion from the Uefa Cup for one year. The advantage above all in a certain direction: Milan can conduct a comparison procedure on the model of Inter Milan, with the aim of returning to the game imposed by Uefa within three years. So the next question is: Elliott will persist for at least the next three years. Both have pledged to reinstate uefa-FFP restrictions within the 3-4 years they have been constantly monitored by UEFA controllers: fines (freezes), restrictions on transfer movements and salary increases and sporting restrictions on the use of players are the cornerstones of the settlement agreement, which is not the same for all companies involved. but it is occasionally imitated in the individual matter. The Roma withdrew from the settlement agreement in the summer of 2018. The settlement agreement implies that clubs must be constantly monitored by Uefa to find a loser, who usually includes three sports seasons and depends on qualifying for a European competition. Nyon – Uefa declares Inter Milan from the transaction agreement that covers the association since May 2015. A touch of relief for the company`s coffers and the interist supporters who can finally ask a little more at the summer market.

Here is what the two agreements signed in May 2015 with development until 2018 (Rome) and 2019 (Inter). As with the other cases of the Conciliation Agreement, it is difficult not to achieve the objectives set out in the advocacy. The risk is to impose the most severe sanctions that (and this has happened in several cases) in case of exclusion from the European Cups. RELATED TOPICS: | Agreements and Joint Ventures Transaction Agreement| Galatasaray | Uefa | Roma (Kader) | Manchester City | Psg| The last one on the settlement agreement20. June 2020, 09:30Fair Financial Play, Olympique de Marseille “saves” the place of Uefa champions…

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