Vcp Agreement

Voluntary State Clean-up Programmes (PCVs) are agreements between epa regional authorities and government environmental programmes that promote coordination and define general roles in the rehabilitation of sites. The agreement can continue to give public confidence in the coordination of the EPO and the public authority. Over time, the use of the MOA as a resilience mechanism for EPO and state coordination on contaminated sites has developed. Parties entering the VCP must submit an application, an application fee of $1,000, a CORE data form, and all reports previously prepared through the site. At the time of the request or within thirty days of the date of acceptance of the CCP`s request, the applicant shall sign an agreement describing the schedule of submissions necessary for the adjustment and certifying that the applicant has agreed to pay all CCP oversight fees. Upon completion of the corrective standard, the TCEQ issues a year-end certificate stating that all non-responsible parties are exempt from any liability to the State for cleaning up the areas covered by the certificate. The parties may at any time terminate their participation in the VCP by written notice. You may terminate the agreement at any time during the investigation and adjustment (subject to certain conditions). All remaining funds from the count will be refunded to you at the end of the adjustment or on the date of termination of the contract. DNREC may also terminate the contract if it is found that you are not making any effort to clean up the property in good faith. As of August 2020, the VCP received more than 2,900 requests for dry cleanings, production sites, shopping malls, warehouses, automotive companies and other commercial and industrial enterprises. The VCP has issued more than 2,400 graduation certificates. Note: If you are using completed forms, download the form on your material before filling it out.

After completing the form, please print and send to the address provided. Local governments can qualify for funding for the independent cleanup of our Independent Remedial Action Grant program.. . . .

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