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Writing 101 Pieces of Advice for Son Is Made of Happy

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

This blog is by a wonderful person I know. He was my boss for 3 summers when I was in college, and he’s remained a friend, even though we are on different coasts. He is a family man now and has a blog where he writes down advice he has for his son.

This is a short intro into one piece of advice. His father wrote him a letter that he wants to pass on to his son. Multigenerational families who truly love each other are definitely made of happy.

96 – Avoid fighting, but not at all costs

Dear David,

This is one of my favorite photos of you and Grandpa.

Grandpa is my Daddy. His name is also David. I named you after him. That is one way that I could honor him for being such a good Daddy to me.

But before Grandpa was my Daddy, he was a Soldier. He was one of many soldiers, who together, quite literally saved the whole world, when the whole world was having a great big war. They didn’t want to fight, but they had to. Because sometimes if you don’t fight, things can get much worse.

via 101 Pieces of Advice for My Son: 96 – Avoid fighting, but not at all costs.

Thanks for being such a great boss, a great friend, and a great father to your sons. Your blog is awesome and always puts a smile on my face.