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Life-Saving Cable Guy Is Made of Happy

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

A Comcast crew showed up...

A Comcast crew showed up… by scriptingnews
Note: Pic is not truck of actual Comcast guy. 😀

Good Press for Comcast: Heroic Deed
A Comcast employee turns nonchalant hero while on his morning rounds.

Brennon Slattery, PC World
PC World
Tuesday, December 9, 2008; 12:19 AM

If you’re counting the signs of the apocalypse, add another to your list: Comcast is getting good press.

The Washington Post reports that Comcast repairman Jorge Rivera saw black smoke rising from a Silver Spring, Maryland apartment complex on Saturday, so he pulled over and used his truck’s ladder to save six people from the flames. The fire ended up injuring two people and displacing a dozen families.

After Rivera’s heroism, he stuck around the scene to answer questions and talk with reporters. When asked if he’d continue working that day, Rivera said yes; he had an appointment right down the street.

What’s going on here? Not only is Comcast working on a Saturday and saving lives, they’re keeping an appointment schedule?

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