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Sears Watching Out For Its Deployed Employees Is Made of Happy

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Sears’ stock is down more than 60% this year. They’ve been suffering like every other business in this economy. Despite that, they do something that is nothing short of amazing: for their employees who are deployed, they pay out of pocket to keep the employee’s family insured and pay out the difference between the military pay and their Sears’ job pay. And they can come back to their jobs when they come back from their deployment. Some of them even get bonuses and merit-based raises while deployed!

This apparently costs them $10 million a year. But they promise to keep this benefit going. Wow.

Sears, your generosity and dedication to your employees is truly astounding. You are made of happy. And so are your employees and their families. Thank you!

And I found this news via Happy News, a site that specializes in, well, happy news. 🙂